Wednesday, August 18, 2010


"Homestar, a cartoon starring you would be horrible. It'd just be you saying "Sewiously" all the time and acting like a moron... all the time." - Strong Bad

Bright colors, silly voices, moving shapes, it's like cartoons were designed for babies!  Except we were kind of trying not to get Maeve hooked on TV just yet.  It may be too late for that, though.

Last night, DH was playing a video game based on one of our favorite web cartoons, Homestar Runner.  If you've never watched these, well, where were you 6 years ago?  And also, check 'em out here: .  The cartoon stars an armless moron named Homestar, but mostly his nemesis, a deviously hilarious wrestling-masked villain, Strong Bad.  Shenanigans ensue.  And while DH was playing last night, Maeve was not only glued to the screen, she was talking to it.

I guess if I really didn't want Maeve to be interested in TV, I shouldn't watch so much of it myself - my first lesson in "do as I say, not as I do" and how well it works.  And it's unrealistic to think a baby won't be interested in bright moving shapes and silly voices. 

At least right now it's only cartoons and seeing her grandparents on Skype that she's at all interested in.  As soon as there's more playing and less napping, we'll be on the go and the TV will be off ... I hope.

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  1. As the star of the bi-weekly Grandma and Grandpa show, I approve of this blog! I like the thought that our specially produced shows are a novelty and therefore have some hope of being appreciated by Maeve:)