Monday, April 21, 2014

Our New Friend, Patches

Our family grew this weekend!

Now Maeve is learning to cope with being an "older sister" to a 4 month old terrier mix she named Patches. And it hasn't been easy for her.

She loves and adores Patches, that's not a problem at all. She does NOT love having to wait for me or having my attention circling around someone who isn't her. And I can tell because she's reverted to having hour-long angry tantrums/cry fests.

But that was just the weekend, things will be different today, right?


Ha. I know it'll take time for all of us to adjust to this change. I also get to house train this little furry love, so I'm even more knee deep in excrement than usual.

But I got a great night of sleep last night and I'm ready to tackle the day!

Patches had a lot of fun helping with our egg hunt yesterday.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Wooden Eggs for Easter

Right now, it seems like holidays get more fun with every passing year. I mean, it was fun to watch her look for very-obviously-not-hidden Easter eggs when she was one and two, but this year she's really excited about Easter, and remembers what it's going to entail. Now I just have to figure out how to get the eggs hidden in time - the Easter Bunny's job is kind of hard.

So since my sweetheart is allergic to eggs, instead of dying eggs on our own after she goes to bed like we have for the last 3 years, last night we all painted wooden eggs together. It was really fun, and it occurred to me that we can do this every year, and I can keep all these special wooden eggs as a memory of her Easter artwork. Another bonus? Wooden eggs are flat on the bottom - easier to paint, easier to display! I will hide them along with the plastic eggs on Sunday morning.

Have a happy Easter, blog friends!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

On Dogs and Desire

“Plus je vois le homes, plus j’admire les chiens” (The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs).” 
― Marie-Jeanne Roland de la Platière

Maeve is still heavily advocating for dog ownership, although not as many times a day as she was two weeks ago. Then, every dog she saw was a painful reminder that I kept saying no, that we still did not let her have her heart's desire.

But most of her universe is still revolving around pets and their care. We played Wendy and Wendy's Mother (from Peter Pan) yesterday, and she immediately found a stuffed Nana and started training her. You know, just like Wendy does. Then later that afternoon we played Peter Pan with Dad, who was Wendy's Much Nicer Dad Who Doesn't Yell, and he let Nana stay inside instead of putting her out.

Without ever saying a word to Maeve, I have been looking into available dogs to adopt and have found some cuties. Mostly I'm looking at Cocker Spaniels as they're a great size for us, and carryable once they can't manage our stairs anymore, since our stairs basically have to be navigated to get outdoors. And they are one of few medium sized dog breeds that have a tendency toward being sweet-tempered and good with kids. And I know mutts can be awesome, but with kids around, you want to know what you're getting into as much as possible.

So what's next? Well, a fence would need to be installed, so we'll see if that ends up happening anytime soon. I really can wait, better than Maeve can, anyway, but I'm just about ready for a new friend at our house.

Wendy teaching Nana to STAY!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Joy, Freedom, and Happiness

Sometimes the Universe just gives you a really perfect setting in which to photograph your child:

Someone had "vandalized" this fence with some kind words, and Maeve wanted to climb it. I mean, how perfect can you get?

And those three words - I think a lot of the best bits of childhood can be encompassed in those three words. Maeve is good at letting deep, overwhelming joy into her life; she spontaneously makes up songs about how happy she is, she lets out spasmodic dances of pleasure, she shrieks and giggles and bellows her laughter.

And although if she understood the concept she would probably tell you she has little to no freedom, of course, she has no concept of how much freedom she will give up as she grows and gains responsibilities. Right now she gets to choose what she does for most of the day, and that freedom will already begin to fall away this autumn when she starts preschool.

She is full of all of these, joy, freedom, and happiness, so thank you, mystery Vandal, who gave me a beautiful opportunity to take these photos. You brought us joy indeed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Affinity for Growing Things

"I've always had an affinity for growing things." -Maynard James Keenan

Something about her fourth birthday coming up, some days it feels like she's getting away from me, growing so fast.

And I'm not imagining things, she steadily puts on a half an inch every six months. We measure on the wall.

She gets smarter every day, so old methods for convincing her to bend to my will are starting to grow stale. Not to mention it's a lot harder to pick her up and put her in her room for a time-out if she's being stubborn.

And... stubborn... yes. Very.

I know every year about this time I start wailing about where my tiny baby has gone, but seriously. She didn't gain back her birth weight until she was like 4 months old. And now she is HUGE.

Despite my efforts to let her stay little, she still daydreams about riding to high school on a motorcycle and becoming a veterinarian. She explains the different functions of blood to near-strangers. She isn't bothered when I drop her off anywhere.

She loves to look at magazines in the car (this was taken when we were parked btw)

Dressing up!
Getting a jump on driving lessons with Daddy.

But you know what? Inside my heart, she still looks exactly like this:

And she still wants her lullabies at night. And sometimes she cries when I leave and tells me I'm making a sad place in her heart. And I'm still chief boo-boo kisser, food-maker, chauffeur, playmate, and audience. She is not as little as she was, nor is she as big as she will be. And she makes me proud every day.