Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's Almost Toy Time

I tried an experiment yesterday: the Target Holiday Toy Catalog came in the mail yesterday, so I gave Maeve a book of stickers and the catalog and told her to put a sticker next to any toys she was interested in. I made it clear that this was not a promise that all the toys she stickered would be under the tree on Christmas morning, but that it would give Daddy and I a good idea of what she likes.

Maeve solemnly undertook the task with great focus for all of five minutes.

At the end of the five minutes, she had painstakingly stickered all the pictures of the toys on the first page of the catalog and ignored the rest.

Yup, too young for that trick, I guess. Unless she really does want a three-story Ninja Turtles playhouse and a semi-automatic Nerf gun.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The vocabulary and perception of a four year old is really amazing. I can tell that Maeve understands so much more, and it's a lot harder for Daddy and I to talk over her head when we want to obfuscate our meanings. But there are still a few words that she's so close to using correctly, but not quite.

She likes to say 'exactly' when she means 'right now' or 'just how I want it'. As in, Mom, I want you to get me exactly a waffle, exactly NOW. You can imagine how that kind of request is met, by the way. Or she says, I want you to be exactly Wolverine, Mom. I kind of like it when she uses it that way.

Oh man, my brain is so fried this morning, that's the only example I can think of. But I'll post this anyway, because some days that's just how it is. She also entertained us by counting all the squares between herself and victory last night, every turn she took at Candyland. It was pretty funny, and we let her do it since it was good counting practice. So now I can say for certain that she can count past fifty without any trouble.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Six Things Needed for Halloween

Halloween is coming, parent friends, and you already know this, but are you prepared for this year? Here's what you're going to need, at least if your kid is under 5:

1. Well-hidden candy. Don't leave that stuff out in the open or you'll regret it...

2. A costume for your kid - they have already begged you for this costume for several months, and made it clear that nothing else would ever do. So you bought it.

3. Backup costume material for when your kid changes their mind about what they want to wear.

4. Also, it might snow/rain/be windy, so be prepared to argue with your kid about also wearing warmer gear over their precious and/or last minute costume.

5. A mental map of how far you're willing to go on the trick or treat train. Do NOT go up to that sketchy house, even if your kid really wants to. And consider avoiding the house where the neighbors go totally nuts at Halloween and out up $1200 worth of scary decorations, it's not worth the nightmares your kid may have.

6. A relaxing beverage that pairs well with purloined chocolate for after bedtime, and a fun Halloween movie. At our house, that's Young Frankenstein, perfectly creepy but hilarious, guaranteed to not give you scary movie regret.

Enjoy your Halloween this year, friends, and may your children be better-behaved than you expect! We can all wish, right?

Yeah, this is her fashion model pose...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Your Life is Already Best

Yesterday, one of my favorite bloggers posed this question: What if Your Life is Already The Best Thing?
And I think it might be. Because here I was, with Maeve and her grandpa and Patches, watching her play in the leaves, in my old Elway jersey.

I mean, I don't think an afternoon could get much better. Somehow, for the last few days, my heart keeps telling me that this life is so sweet, and it seems like all I can see is the sunny side. Not that this week hasn't been hard, because it has. But there's so much sunshine seeping in through the cracks.

She was laughing because, as it turns out, Patches loves to dig in leaf piles. So we were all hysterical watching him dig.
But this day, this late afternoon sunshine, these full bellies and happy hearts... my life is already the best thing. I have nothing to prove to anyone, no career goals to fulfill, as Garrison Keillor says, Thank you, dear God, for this good life, and forgive us if we do not love it enough.

Happy Autumn, friends. Happy Monday. Happy your life.

Friday, October 24, 2014

A Lot by a Little

 Yesterday we did a lot by doing a little. Like, for example, wearing a big leaf as a hat. These things are important, you know.
 We tried to watch the partial solar eclipse, but didn't really get anywhere. The sun looked pretty cool, we just couldn't see anything with the pinhole projector. It turned out jumping into leaf piles was more fun anyway.
 We also went to the park, which was important. Maeve needed a little time to herself with me, and I needed to get out and play, too. It was not a great day inside my head yesterday, and the park is good for what ails.
This was Maeve doing a high fashion pose to show me how cute her outfit was. 
I love the casual, hip-hop look she was going for. 

Have a good weekend, friends, and enjoy each other.