Tuesday, March 31, 2015

You're My Flower

Maeve sat on my lap last night and  twined her arm around my neck.

You're my flower, she whispered in my ear. 

She leaned toward her dad and told him, You're my tulip. Mom's my daffodil. Patches is... a leaf.

Then she looked at me and asked, what am I?

I told her, you're my mint, sweet and delicious, and coming back bigger and stronger every spring.

What I wanted to say is, you're my sunshine. You help me grow.

But this kid already thinks the world revolves around her.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Seeing the Possibilities

Just an anecdote today.

Maeve went hiking with her godmother and I this weekend, and Miss B taught Maeve some important rock climbing tips as they tackled a few beginner rock piles. Maeve was pretty much giddy with joy for the whole hike, as she usually is around one of her favorite people.

As she clambered over the same rock pile she'd already climbed three or four times, she started making up a song about climbing rocks. It mentioned how one should always "see all the possibilities" while climbing, and the importance of "foot holes" (or foot holds, as Miss B was trying to teach).

In fact, she kept singing little ditties about the mountains, hiking, climbing, and various other germane topics for most of the morning. I turned to my friend and said, "She's not just like me at all." Miss B agreed, "Oh no, not just exactly like you." And we had a good laugh.

Sometimes it's nice to know you're rubbing off a little, in a good way.

Seeing the possibilities!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Learning Prime Time

It appears to me that five is going to be prime time for teaching the child how to do things. I mean, we've been teaching her every day of her life, but there is a whole new set of skills just waiting to be learned right now, particularly physical ones.

I'm thinking this year she'll try learning how to snap her fingers, whistle, ride her bike without training wheels, roller skating, jumping rope, and lots more. That new helmet is going to come in handy.

Already in the last few months she's tackled folding paper airplanes, passing a basketball, throwing a frisbee, winking, clapping to a rhythm, practicing with scissors, very simple origami, making mud pies, and turning on the hose. (Yes, those last two are related...)

I don't know if I've ever looked forward to a year of her life more than I have this one (except when I was pregnant). Five is going to be so much fun, so many adventures are waiting for us this year. I'm totally ready!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Gifts to Give

I had a mindblowing revelation last night, while chatting with my husband during the commercials of my favorite show. I mean, it was a life-changer.

My biggest problem with exercise is trying to find a reason to do it that doesn't make me feel like crap. Feeling guilty, feeling fat, feeling unworthy, these are all reasons I can get myself on the exercise train, but when I'm in a good headspace, it's all but impossible. If I make the mental effort to embrace my embraceable self, then I don't have any motivation to exercise. Tricky stuff.

But last night, I figured it out. I totally got it.

Now when I run or use my recumbent bike, I haven't been feeling awful at the same time, mostly because Maeve is usually with me. She jogs with me, and rides her rocking horse next to me when I'm on the bike. Because I'm not just exercising for myself anymore, I'm also doing it to give gifts to my daughter.

The gifts of a healthier mom, a healthy mindset about exercise, and even a love of exercising with friends.

So now I run without wishing I were different. I run without hoping for amazing body outcomes. I just do it because it feels good, it is good, and it's just one of my gifts to my daughter, and to myself.

And it makes both of us feel like champions.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Drawing on Friendship

So maybe you're thinking to yourself, sure, Maeve is a mini-genius and all, but can she draw?

Well, the answer is, it's getting better. At school, she draws a picture every day that describes what she's going to do at whichever center she's chosen, and all that practice has improved her drawing dramatically. These days I can often tell what it is she's drawn, or at least whether it's meant to be a person or a flower.

Maeve is also very into Night at the Museum lately, especially the miniature characters Jedediah and Octavius (who Maeve calls Artevius, pretty close). She likes to have Daddy pretend to be Artevius and I pretend to be Jedediah, and she convinces us to be nice to each other.

That's where this work of art came from. It's Jedediah and Artevius making friends. See all the hearts?