Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sick Kid Holidays

Sorry the posts are a little scatty at the moment; my parents are here, my birthday is tomorrow, and Maeve is sick, so... lots of things are happening, and I am not having that much time/energy/oomph to write. But I am here, we are here together, loving each other and enjoying the season.

Here are some of yesterday's adventures:

Sickie kid is still sick.

Watching a show, with Patches keeping an eye out.

Snow in the sink, since Mean Mom wouldn't let her go outside.

Relaxing watching the Grinch

Puzzle time after dinner, complete with some complaints

Figuring out the dino puzzles with Grandpa

As you can see, we've been busy occupying sick, cranky child, but enjoying each other. Which is really all that counts. So, Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate, and guess what? I turn 34 tomorrow!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bad Behavior Day

Yesterday was what I would laughingly refer to as a bad behavior day at our house. Maeve was in trouble for shoving at school, then came home and unleashed the beast on me.

In fact, she screamed at me so much, I instituted an all-whispering conversation rule. I responded to nothing that wasn't asked in a whisper, and I would only respond that way. For hours.

At first she didn't get it, kept screaming at me, but it's not so hard to tune out screaming. I played the long game, and I waited.

It eventually worked, and there were far fewer outbursts for the rest of the afternoon. I did, however, have to take a momcation after dinner and do some serious scrapbooking and instrumental music listening before I could interact sanely again. Thank goodness Daddy was home and willing to help!

Honestly, moms. When you're going to lose your mind, it's okay to ask your partner for a night off. Everybody needs help sometimes!

Oh, and Maeve now has a cold. So that explains a lot.
Sometimes there's just too much crazy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Soft Place to Rest

The best feeling in the world is when you child just comes up to you and lays their head in your lap, for no other reason but just because. -Marlee Matlin
It's not always easy to make peace with my body. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, but I am always making an effort.

Two days ago I had no trouble at all, when my little love lay her head to rest on my very comfy stomach. Some days I don't regret my shape at all.

I love the softness of this photo, it makes me feel more gentle to myself and to my little girl. And that is an immeasurable gift in a culture that usually informs me that I'm a failure and a slob for being the size I am.

But now when I'm having a rough day, I will look at this picture again and remember how it felt.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Time for Sleep!

On Saturday night, Daddy spent the night in Maeve's room. It was a special Daddy-daughter sleepover which he'd been promising for awhile, so even though he'd been sleeping in a hotel bed for a week, he managed to eke out a few hours of sleep on Maeve's floor, just for love.

I sang them both a lullaby, and we all joined in on the ABCs, and I kissed them both and said good night. After I left the room, this is apparently what happened, according to my husband:

Sleepover in Maeve's room so far:
Dad, you need to give me one of your pillows so we can sleep better. 1+1 is three... That's how many pillows I need. Time for sleep!
Dad, there are no creepy crawlies in the closet. Time to go to bed!
Dad... We need to put blankets over our heads so we can sleep better. Scoot down and do it now. Good night!
*knocks on her bedframe* Dad, Dad. You need a stuffy for bed. Here's beary-bear. Good night!
Dad... I have my blanket here and he wants to talk to beary. *I hold up bear* Bear, we need to be quiet and go to bed. Goodnight!
*knock knock* Dad... I'm really super excited about singing with Mom at church with the Christmas songs. I just needed to tell you that. Good night.
And many more... She may be a bit excited.

Oh, I wish I'd been a fly on the wall in there that night! But I might have passed out with cuteness overload.

Monday, December 8, 2014

We Do Santa Claus

We do Santa Claus.

Not in any big, ostentatious, Santa all over everything way, but Santa is the spirit of generosity, and there is a lot of him about at Christmas. And Maeve definitely believes in him for now. 

Last night, she got to stand next to him, and tell him what she wanted for Christmas.

As we stood in line, I asked her one last time: you definitely want to meet Santa tonight? And tell him what you want for Christmas? She was basically jumping up and down at that point, so her answer was a definite yes.

Then as we stood in front of him, she definitely wanted Daddy to come with her. As we expected. But she did manage to stand with Santa Himself for a picture. When he asked what she wanted, she claimed not to know. And she hasn't told me anything, either, except that letter to Santa where she asked for pony clothes. Maeve isn't the kind of kid that has a list of things she wants... I like that about her.

She really wanted me to tell Santa that I want a ukulele for Christmas, but I told her he already knows that.

But after her quick photo op, we left the North Pole (at the Denver Zoo Lights) and she was very happy. On the way home, she told us, I met the real Santa! And we said, Wasn't that amazing?

And it was.