Thursday, July 2, 2015

Time Out Math

In case I occasionally give the impression that it's all daisies and roses around here, I would like to report that Maeve had a half-hour long time out yesterday.

She was not so good at doing the math; when I told her that every time she screamed or hit her door, I'd add five minutes to her time. And that quickly took ten minutes to thirty.

I kept thinking to myself: surely she will soon understand that if she can just be super quiet, time out will be over sooner... but no. That was a bit too much to expect, I guess. For the last ten minutes of that time out, she managed to be quiet. But holy cow.

So now today I'm wondering, will she have learned from yesterday? If she ends up in time out, will she simply wait quietly for ten minutes? I can't tell you how much I wish she was that kind of kid, but I severely doubt it. We will see how long it takes.

I know she looks cute...

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just Swimmingly

Yesterday, Maeve had her first ever swimming lesson. I had no idea if she'd be crying and holding onto my leg, or jumping in with gusto. I tried to prepare her by starting to teach her how to put her head underwater, and I talked her through some of the things her teacher might ask her to do. She was very excited to get started, practically chomping at the bit.

When we arrived yesterday, I discovered I had written down the wrong time for her class, and we had just missed it. But the very kind staff put Maeve with her same teacher for the next half-hour class so she could get to know her.

The only trick was that her teacher was now teaching a youth-level class, not preschool.

My stomach sunk. Oh no. Maeve was going to have a super hard time in swim class and it was ALL MY FAULT. (That mom guilt works quickly, y'all.)

I sat down and watched anxiously as class began. My one consolation is that Maeve can easily stand in the swim lesson area of the pool, so I had faith that she wouldn't panic. But the wildly happy grin she started with never left her face once for the whole half an hour. She absolutely loved every second of those lessons yesterday. I watched her try to back float, practice kicking her legs, and even practice making strokes with her arms.

My fears dissipated almost instantly and I turned into a giant buttery ball of Mom Pride.

My girl is astonishing in every way.

And she is already having a hard time waiting the 2 1/2 hours until swim lessons start today.

This is what happened when I said, Show me your swim lessons pose!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Day in the Mountains

I had in mind a post on marriage equality, and how excited I am about the SCOTUS ruling, but I think I got all of that out of my system on Facebook. Don't think I am unmoved, please, but I have other things to write about today.

Today I want to write about the magical day we spent in the mountains yesterday.

We visited the property that belongs to Daddy's parent's friends, up near Fairplay. It was a very long, beautiful drive, but once we got there, Maeve was as happy as a clam.  There was fresh bacon, a swing, and a couple of willing playmates in the shape of grandparents.

Maeve was thrilled to get to make s'mores, and just snack on whatever she wanted.

But Maeve's absolute favorite event yesterday had to be when Grandpa took us 4-wheeling in his new Jeep. She was whooping and hollering from the backseat and having an absolute ball.

We were sorry to say goodbye yesterday afternoon, but what a glorious day we had together! It was a perfect summer Sunday in the mountains.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Laid Back Days

No big news around here, Maeve has a cough so we're trying to make our activities nice and laid back. She has a birthday party on Saturday so we've gotta save her energy for healing.

So we've colored together, written her mummy book, watched a lot of (mostly) educational tv, played some new board games, and taken some laid-back walks with the dog.

Yesterday, our one outing was to Costco, and Maeve brought her new stuffed animal. He's a Taco Bell chihuahua, but from Maeve's perspective, it's SkippyJon Jones, hero of the SkippyJon book series. (He's a Siamese cat who thinks he's a chihuahua, long story.)

But I found out yesterday that  Maeve believes SkippyJon is a girl. Okay with me. I got my pronouns corrected a few times before I figured it out. Moms can be so slow, sometimes.

So we're taking today and tomorrow nice and slow, too. We'll see what else I learn.

Taken in our driveway, of course. SkippyJon required a seatbelt, too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On Being Mummalized

I would like to record, for posterity, Maeve's explanation of how to "mummalize" a body. Or rather, how the Egyptians used to do it. She won't let me videotape her explaining it, so I'll try to get it written down.

First you find a body you want to mummalize. You take it and you get all the organs out. Except the heart. Egyptians believed you needed your heart in the afterlife.

(Mom's note: this is true. The heart was considered the seat of the conscience, necessary for afterlife morality)

Next you put the body in Natron. It's a kind of salt or sugar, I don't know. But it dries the body out.

(Mom's note: it's a salt. And it does dry the body out. The bodies were buried in Natron for 40 days.)

Then you wrap the body in linen, but we use toilet paper. Then the mummy is buried in its coffin, inside a pyramid. Egyptians believed that being mummalized meant you would live again after you died so they buried lots of stuff and food with the mummies.

I'm trying to get her to co-author a picture book with me on this topic. She's very well informed about it, obviously!

The author, incognito