Friday, February 27, 2015

It's the Pits

Being an adult is the pits, some days.

Yesterday, our furnace gasped its last. So we had to get a new one, lickety-split. This, less than a week after we bought our first new car. Sheesh.

So we got a new furnace, thank goodness, and I'm really grateful for it, but now Maeve and I won't be able to go visit my parents in England this summer.

I haven't told her yet. I'm waiting for it to come up naturally. But I totally dread the sadness it's going to bring.

A parent is always going to be the first person to really disappoint their kids, even if it's through no fault of their own, and that truth is just the worst. I don't want to let her down, but what can I do? Life is just like that. Besides, the trip is not cancelled forever, it's postponed till next year. 

But I know for Maeve, it will feel like forever. And truthfully, it'll feel like that for me, too. 

Gosh, do I hate letting her down. But life is what happens while we're busy making other plans.

And she will still find lots of things to smile about.

Like a good playdate!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

All By Herself

I was just thinking about how much being almost five has changed how I see Maeve, how much more I'm willing to let her try for herself. She's still both very dependent on me, yet ready to try doing lots of things on her own.  We try to let her solve her own problems before we jump in, too, which isn't easy, but she's getting big enough to stop, think, and try to reason her way out of a fix.

When we take walks, I let her run ahead or lag behind, and we wait for each other at the corner. I can trust her to stay on the sidewalk, to stay out of other people's yards, etc.

She chooses all her own outfits, can brush her own hair and choose her own shoes, and put them on with just a quick check to make sure they're on the right feet. Speaking of which, she knows her right from her left, knows that the mountains are West of us, and that Kansas is to the East.

She can pour her own bowl of cereal, clear her table after dinner, feed the dog, and help pick up after him.  She can zip her own coat, and tie knots, but she's not tying her own shoes yet. She can put her own gloves on, though, and boy, is that awesome! I really hated the struggle of trying to get her to put on her gloves.

I love seeing how much she knows how to do; she even wrote her name with the V right side up yesterday, which is one of the things that's hardest for her. Progress!

She also knows a few yoga positions!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Sunshine and Love

I wrote about it on Facebook yesterday, but Maeve knocked my socks off yesterday when she clarified to me the meaning of You are my Sunshine.

She looked at me after she sang a few bars, and said, this song isn't about the sun, is it? I mean, the sun is just a big ball of gas. This song is about me, how you love me.

I was utterly breathless and bowled over at this point but I managed to communicate to her that she was right.

Then she cocked her head to the side, and said, It's about me, too, about how I love you. We love each other like we love the sun.

And then she went back to eating her peanut butter sandwich like nothing had happened. 

These moments, how can we live through them, as moms? You just nod, choke back the tears, and keep on doing the stuff. But oh my gosh, those feelings just don't go away. I've been singing that song to her since like her third day on the planet, but now she gets it. And reciprocates

More little miracles, all the time.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mr.Toad Resemblance

Last night, I introduced Maeve to one of my most favorite childhood films, a claymation version of The Wind in the Willows. If you grew up watching this one, put it on again, if you get a chance. It's balm for the soul to see Ratty messing about in boats again, it makes you feel all's right with the world.

And I have a little sympathy for Toad of Toad Hall these days, after purchasing my very first BRAND NEW CAR and then not driving it for twenty four hours because of an awful blizzard. I felt like sitting in a chair with a plate for a steering wheel and crying POOP POOP like the old boy himself.

So far, I think Maeve's favorite part of the film is Toad, she loves how silly he is. And her favorite part of the new car is the heat vent that's in the back seat, upon which she can rest her feet and warm up! For me, the best bit is how safe it is. Taking her out on the road this morning, there wasn't a single slip, despite the slick roads.

Friday, February 20, 2015

The Balance of the Species

“I mean to say, I know perfectly well that I've got, roughly speaking, half the amount of brain a normal bloke ought to possess. And when a girl comes along who has about twice the regular allowance, she too often makes a bee line for me with the love light in her eyes. I don't know how to account for it, but it is so."

"It may be Nature's provision for maintaining the balance of the species, sir.” 
― P.G. Wodehouse (Jeeves and Wooster)

Maeve and I took a trip to our local metro zoo yesterday, with a couple of good friends. On our way to the sea lions and seals, we saw a peacock doing his best to attract the Ladies. He was flashing his big tail all over, crying his piteous HE-ELP at the top of his little peacock lungs. My mom friend and I told our daughters, he's looking for a girlfriend.

But then we saw a pea-hen approach, quickly, in his direction, and that peacock split faster than you could say 'hormones suck'. He took off running the other direction like one of the cheetahs had gotten loose. And my mom friend and I were left scratching our heads. We tried to explain to our girls that sometimes the person you like just doesn't like you back.

And then she turned to me and said, Boy, I don't miss high school at all. And boy, I certainly don't, either. Like the characters in When Harry Met Sally said, please tell me I'll never have to be 'out there' again. All that showing off, then running away, chasing and not catching, never knowing if you'll ever be truly seen and loved. It was not fun, I would not do it again, if given the opportunity.

All that come-hither nonsense is for the birds.