Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Gymnastics: A New Adventure

So last night we tried something entirely new to Maeve; I enrolled her in a gymnastics class.

And you should have seen the look of sheer ecstasy on that girl's face for the entire hour of the class. She was bouncing with excitement, bursting at the seams to try every new thing. The class had a lot of running, unstructured time to use the equipment, and so many new things to try. And she grinned like a Cheshire cat, every single second.

So that's a definite yes, we went ahead and enrolled her. (It's nice that this place gives you a free trial class, but in our case, it was like a gateway drug and she had to have MORE!) While we're waiting for our marvelous yoga teacher to find a new studio and offer classes again, this seems like a winner.

It was incredible watching her last night, as she gamely gave a shot to fifteen things she'd never done before, in a room full of peers she didn't know and teachers she'd just met. This is not a small thing for my daughter. But she jumped at the chance.

I love it when she surprises me.

I mean, she does love going out on a limb ;)

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