Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Funny Circles

Life takes me in funny circles, sometimes.

For instance, today I started a job for a school district I worked for well before Maeve was born. As I recall, I quit in 2008. I had been a substitute teacher and had grown to utterly despise the work. The kids were wearing on me. Anyone who has been a sub knows just how unrewarding and truly unlike teaching that job is.

So for the time, I abandoned all hope of working in a school again. I worked at various small businesses, even a legal firm, and basically put education out of my head entirely.

But then my Maeve came along, and I had my hands full with parenting. Absolutely brimming full.  I took various part time jobs once Maeve was old enough to come with me or leave with someone, but nothing that took up more than 15-20 hours a week, and usually considerably less.

Lo and behold, the tiny baby girl is now in school all day. I've been casting around, applying at libraries and taking up more responsibility at my super cool small business job and my work-from-home job, and was feeling content.

Suddenly, all parents got an email home that the school was hiring paraprofessionals (or teacher's aides, as some call them). I immediately applied, breathless with excitement. Could I really end up back in a classroom again? Helping teachers, who are generally some of my favorite people? At my daughter's school?

Well, yes, I can. I'll be heading over to the school in just half an hour. Lucky me! Back where I started, back for what I studied for (kind of), back with what matters. Awesome.

And I get to be nearer to this little darling.

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