Thursday, July 7, 2016


I don't know how to write about this.

I didn't know how to explain it yesterday.

But Maeve and I were discussing religion, and she wanted to know what we Unitarian Universalists believe, so I was giving her the rundown on the Seven Principles which the kids are taught in a simple song. I went through each one, explaining it, seeing what Maeve thought about each of the ideas.

I got to "Work for a peaceful world" and she didn't understand what that meant.

So I tried to explain all the ways I, personally, and our church work for peace in the world. 

Which led me to our work with the Black Lives Matter movement.

Which got me started explaining, briefly, the history of racism in this country and its effects today.

Which had me trying to explain who is it that thinks that black lives do not matter.

And all of a sudden I realize, how do I tell her that police are both the people she should find when she needs help, and a force that has so often taken the lives of innocent (or at least not found guilty by a jury) black citizens.

I don't know that she's old enough for that conversation.

I'm not sure that I am, either.

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