Monday, September 13, 2010


“Genius of any kind is the ability and willingness to leave the known world behind and explore new territory.” - Karla Mclaren

Genius? My little girl? Well, gee, now that you mention it, sure, she's definitely a genius...

Maeve encountered new territory yesterday in two ways: she tried water out of a sippy cup, and she laid on grass for the first time.  Both experiences, although I could see they were a bit unsettling to her, seemed to go just fine.  She took a few polite gulps of water, then looked up at me quizzically, as if to say, "What is this? It tastes like... nothing."  She held onto one of the sippy cup handles, too, which was great.  I know I'll get all melancholy about it when it happens, but right now I can't wait for her to hold her own cup/bottle.

Grass didn't seem to bother Maeve at all, and she didn't even try to eat it, which was my other guess on how things were going to go (hysterical crying or slobbery eating).  Nope, she just propped herself up on her tummy and gamely watched Dad take her picture, drooling on the ground. (No, Dad wasn't the one drooling.)

So I guess grass and water weren't big adventures for my big girl, but there are plenty of those ahead.  Next weekend we're taking her up to the mountains for her first mountain vacation, so maybe that new territory will be a little more exciting.

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