Monday, October 4, 2010


"My friend has a baby. I'm recording all the noises he makes so later I can ask him what he meant." - Stephen Wright

Well, there have been lots of firsts over the weekend:
1. First time in bigger carseat.  Maeve was too big for her infant carrier  (Thank goodness! My arm was about to fall off carrying her in that thing!) so we transitioned her into a rear-facing carseat that will accommodate her up until 40 pounds.  I can't imagine her being that big, I hope it takes a good long while for her to get there!  I think she likes the carseat because she can see out better.

2. First time riding in the stroller facing forward.  Our stroller worked with our carseat so that it sat on top. Maeve hasn't sat up in the stroller before, and it was a big hit! She made happy noises all through Target on Saturday.

3. Raspberries: No I didn't feed her any. It's her new noise.  Anytime this girl is even a little bit happy these days, it's a constant "thppppt" sound.  I keep busting up in giggles, and this morning she made a nice juicy one right in my face! ah well, baby spit is the least offensive of all baby fluids.

4. Last night we gave Maeve some baby oatmeal, and it was a big hit! She wore quite a bit of it, but no hives this morning, so we're rejoicing! Hooray for solid food!

Love the nose wrinkle!


  1. Did you have a Graco brand carseat that was part of a travel system? I've been wondering when we're supposed to make the switch to a bigger carseat. How could you tell she had outgrown it?

  2. It was Cosco. The seat had a sticker on it that said the limit was 20 lbs or 29 inches, and she has just about hit the 29 inches. Her feet went out over the edge of the seat.

  3. I think the infant car seat limit for all models is 20 lbs. Maeve is getting a whole new perspective on life! I must admit after four children and many, many years of doing acrobatics in order to get the car seats in properly, I'm ready get rid of them for good!

  4. Sounds like you and Maeve had quite the exciting weekend!

  5. What an exciting weekend! Nadine loved it too the first time I had her sit on her stroller facing forward.
    Aaaaah, the Joys of motherhood! :)