Monday, November 15, 2010


"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it." ~The Buddha

DH and I met up with a good friend for fish and chips last night. She, like me, has an English degree, but also a Masters, and we were discussing our future job prospects.  We're both in the same place, although hers is more immediate.  What do we want to be when we grow up?

Well, for me, the short answer is a Mommy.  I love this job like absolutely crazy go nuts.  But once Maeve's in school, the plan is for me to go back to work.  But doing what?  I have absolutely no idea.

I've thought about becoming a librarian, but the current (and possibly future) economy has very little room for librarians.  Our state has let so many librarians go and made a lot of systems automated.  So even though it sounds great, I'd be getting a degree in something I might not be able to find work doing, and that's an expensive gamble.

I've wished I could write or edit children's books, but how does one get into that market?  You probably need an agent, a friend to do your illustrations, and someone in the business to give you tips.  I have none of these.

I could go back to some kind of retail, but I've grown to love my sanity over the last few years.

And I'll never go back to substitute teaching, I burned that bridge pretty well.

It's possible I can get a para-pro type job when Maeve's in school, working with students that need literacy help or some such, my English education degree might come in handy there.  And that may be my best bet.  

Is it possible I've found the only job I'll ever really love, that will ever really make me happy, and I only get to do it full-time for five years?  

Maeve's full-time job: big smiles


  1. I am right there with you. I should go back to work when the next kid goes to school but I have no idea what I want to do. I was thinking about getting my masters in library science but like you said, there isn't much room for librarians in this economy. I think we have the best job in the world right now but unfortunately these babies are going to grow up.

  2. I keep crossing my fingers, toes and sometimes eyes in the hopes that I'll be able to go back into the decorative arts field once Sammy is older; my back-up plan is to get accredited to do appraisals but who knows what the future will hold (or where I'll be living for that matter). The uncertainty of it all stresses me out a bit, so I sometimes have to remind myself to enjoy the job that I have now as CEO of Sammy, Inc., while it lasts. :)

  3. Right now I'm studying to be a library media specialist (a.k.a. school librarian. Fortunately, school librarians are on the "critical need" list in NH. It involves much more than just checking out books with all the new technologies on the horizon and many schools are making the library a learning commons, which is the hub of the school. Check into it!

  4. I have always wanted to be a "tist" as I used to put it (doesn't matter what kind of scientist) would be what it stands for. I have a degree in Science, and so far all I have used it for is convincing children NOT to drink out of milk jugs, along with various Science experiments. Someday I hope something great will come of it! :)