Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"We are given a shot at dancing with the absurdity of life, instead of being squashed by it. We sing on a boat during a terrible storm at sea; you can't stop the raging storm, but singing can change the hearts and spirits of the people on board." - Anne Lamott

I am making every effort not to be squashed by the absurdity of life.  However, I am not singing, either.

With the delight and happiness that Maeve's teeth have brought, there is also total insanity.  The specter of her four month sleep regression has come back to haunt me in the guise of her eight month sleep regression.  Of course, she's only just coming up on 7 months, but Maeve is a born overachiever.  She sleeps for no more than two hours at a stretch now, although she's been napping okay.  But yesterday, on top of the lack of sleep, I have a cold, my arthritis is flaring up in my wrists, and I fell in the shower last night and banged my knee so badly it swelled up and is still pretty sore.  Oh, and she woke up at 5 this morning, and wasn't having anything to do with going back to sleep.

DH very kindly took care of Maeve for me for a little while this morning so that I could decompress and tame the urge to leave my daughter on the doorstep for someone else to take care of.  But now she's in the Exersaucer crying at me for whatever reason.  Maybe because she wouldn't eat her applesauce for breakfast.  Maybe just out of pique.

However, despite the confluence of almost sitcomically bad events, at least I get to spend the day with DH and my family tomorrow, so all I have to do is survive today.  Like the Little Engine, I think I can.  I think I can.


  1. ((Hugs)) Mama! I too contemplate leaving my baby on a doorstep from time to time but the neighbors know he is ours and would bring him right back. I hope your day gets better and the little miss sleeps for you.

  2. Oh, honey, I've so been there. Loss of sleep is killer. Hate it. Here's a website that might help. I read her book when one of my kids decided he wasn't going to sleep. We've got the crud going around here too. 'Tis the season! Hope you get some shuteye soon! :)