Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hi friends, today is my moment to shamelessly plug a podcast I was a part of on (Over)Thinking Mom.  We chatted about what married like is life after having your first baby, and discussed two studies that had different outcomes about the effect of babies on marriage relationships. Were we witty, honest, and downright fascinating to listen to?  Well, sure, but who doesn't think that about themselves?  (Tee hee)

Anyway, no blog post today, just enjoy the podcast and leave comments here, if you want!

-Maeve's Momma


  1. Ooo-I'll be sure to take a listen!

  2. I finally had time to listen! Thanks for sharing. I wish I knew more about how to be a good contributor to a relationship, but it sounds like hardly anyone knows how to do it. And yet, people get married, stay married, have babies and still stay married all the time, so maybe we're all just kind of learning as we go. I'm really glad that even with the craziness of your life right now, you're taking time to write. It makes me feel a little more connected, and it's just so encouraging to watch someone else wrestle and succeed with a question, only to start all over again with the next one. I love you and miss you, friend!

  3. Thanks, Marissa, and I miss you a ton, too!