Monday, November 29, 2010


"Some respite to husbands the weather may send,
But housewives' affairs have never an end." - Thomas Tusser

Today I am choosing to write about the small breaks I had over the weekend, instead of a long gripe about how hard this last week was.  Trying something new.

We had exactly a week in between when her front bottom teeth came in and the start of new teething.  I couldn't tell you where it is her teeth are coming in now, but she is most certainly teething again, including waking up in pain last night.  It was a nice, week-long break from the intermittent fussing and occasional total panic that teething brings on poor Maevie.  I definitely enjoyed this break in the teething process, although I had hoped it would last longer.

There was also a brief break in Maeve's new nocturnal pattern; on Friday night, she woke up 7 times between 8pm and 5:30am, but blissfully, on Saturday night, she only woke up once.  This is good because I had a pretty good breakdown on Saturday after trying to take two naps and not getting any sleep during either of them.  But last night, although frustrating, taught me two things: one is that sometimes when she wakes now, it's because her teeth hurt; two, that bringing her to bed with us when I just can't get her to go back to sleep in her crib can work.  She only woke three times last night, so that was a real relief.

So the quote isn't entirely true, I had several respites this weekend, and I am so grateful for them.  And now it's less than two weeks till my parents arrive, and I will have lots of help for almost a month.  

My breaks mostly come from this guy - thanks, DH!

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  1. The nighttime wakings just suck. A nurse told me many years ago that a little Tylenol never hurt a baby, and I've taken her advice many a time. My boys have been waking up at night recently, and they're not teething!