Friday, November 19, 2010


 "By sowing frugality we reap liberty, a golden harvest."  - Agesilaus

In the footsteps of my mother, I follow: the coupon queen.  I cannot manage the $200 grocery bill paid only $5 that some of those really dedicated couponers sometimes achieve, but I believe in coupons, sales, stocking up, and buying second hand. And never more so than now, having a baby that outgrows her clothes once a month or so, and requires $60 worth of formula every week.

But between several dear friends who have given us treasured hand-me-downs, and the local ARC, I have gotten Maeve tons of adorable outfits; in fact, I can safely say I've never paid full retail price for a single item of clothing for her.  

Also, I'm excited to pass on her clothing and other baby items to friends of mine who are having babies; I have one such chance today with a friend who's having a little girl in January.  We have two whole trash bags full of baby clothes for her, because all the rest of my friends are having boys, and aren't in need of sparkly pink onesies.  It makes me wish all my friends were having babies right now (c'mon girls, get on it!) so we could all be swapping useful tips and items.  But on the other hand, this way Maeve gets more attention from all my friends who haven't had babies yet, so that's okay, too.

Most of the time, I'm proud of myself for saving our family money; it's the least I can do considering my income is basically zero at the moment.  But I'll save us a few bucks when we go grocery shopping, by golly, and we'll see how long I can go without paying retail for baby clothes!

Maeve in a marked- down dress I got for her in England


  1. Thrift stores are the best for baby clothes; even if Sammy doesn't wear something for some reason, I don't feel so bad because I only spent a couple of dollars on it and then I just re-donate it. Everyone wins!

  2. Love consignment stores! I've gotten some great buys for my kids - the one I go to only takes good name brands. It's very organized, then I consign my kids' stuff and am able to buy more. I've tried the coupon thing - right now time is tight, so I just try to make a lot of stuff and stay away from packaged/processed items.

  3. I LOVE hand me downs! I have a pair of jeans that I am passing to my sister that has gone through...7 kids now! My four and two nieces and a nephew :) ... I also try to make most everything from scratch, it is so much more cost effective and healthier by far! Keep up the great work, Frugal is an art form :)