Thursday, December 2, 2010


"It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into." ~ Terri Guillemets

Sorry the blog is so late today, I went to visit some friends of mine that have just had their third child.  He's absolutely gorgeous, of course, and such a good, quiet baby.  I love Maeve, but she was never that quiet for that long, not even at night. I brought up some frozen burritos so that Mom could have something easy to heat up and hold with one hand while nursing. 

Being around such a new baby, so small and sweet, was just a shock.  Maeve is so huge now, so busy, so independent.  Does it make me want another baby?  As perfect as this baby I saw today was, no.  No it doesn't.

I know some people who had babies the same month as I did that are having another one already, and more power to 'em.  But I couldn't do it, my memory is too good.  Maeve cried so much and slept so little, had so much trouble nursing, and had to much trouble learning to sleep at night.  I was surviving from day to day, and not much else.

No, I love this phase she's in now.  I could do without the teething, but she is as fun as a bucket of monkeys.  And good lord, do I just love being able to put her on the ground and let her work on crawling!  I feel like I just discovered the use of my arms.  I can't imagine giving that up again, not just yet.

Greetings and welcome to Earth, little Milo.  I can't wait to watch you make friends with my Maeve someday. 

Sorry, no pictures of baby Milo, but here's Maeve looking so big, just hanging out on her own.


  1. It's okay to only want one baby. Maeve doesn't need a sibling to help her be awesome, she has a mom that is doing a great job of that. I am 99% sure I want another one but I want to wait a couple of years before crossing that bridge.

  2. I am only just now thinking I might be ready to be pregnant again sometime. I'm loving the toddler stage, where she can walk around from room to room while I'm in the kitchen (or even in the shower!) entertaining herself and will still come when I call her.

  3. Thanks girls. And Mary-Kate, we must do another playdate after the holidays!

  4. It's funny--my husband is the one pushing for another kid ASAP. But then again, from his perspective, this whole baby thing must seem pretty easy from several thousand miles away! :)

  5. I feel the same way! I want another baby one day, but I don't want to go through the first 6 months...that was so hard! Little Maeve is so beautiful. I love watching her grow like my Serena.

  6. You'll know when and if you are ready. Don't let what others are doing pressure you. A baby is a huge investment in time and finances. Enjoy this wonderful time - my favorite time with a babe - you can plop them someplace and they stay there!