Friday, January 28, 2011


“They shouldn't have to worry about toothaches or their teeth hurting. There are more things to worry about than your teeth hurting.” -Carly Patterson

I've been very good this week, even though Maeve's teeth have just been killing her and making her totally miserable, I didn't complain about it on the blog.  Until now.
Our sleep this week has been a Russian Roulette - one night I'll get three hours in a row, the next night no more than two at a time.  She wakes up sore, sad, upset that I can't do much to make it all better.  She's cutting three teeth on the top, including her front two at the same time.

I remind myself that it ends, that those darn teeth will come through soon, and she'll get back to sleeping, being happy, and not clinging to my every step.  But I am so over these darn teeth.  I hate stupid teeth anyway, mine have never caused me anything but trouble.  I have nightmares about them just falling out of my mouth all at once.  Ew.

Also, her front teeth are huge! Those little tiny teeth on the bottom are like a third of the size of these chompers coming through the top!  I hope she doesn't look like some scary circus baby, or like a baby-sized ten year old.  Yeah, you can tell I'm not sleeping enough.

Happy Friday, friends, and if your children are not teething right now, rejoice.



  1. Oh dear. Poor Maeve and poor you! It's so hard to have any sort of perspective on things when you're sleep deprived - are you able to get a few winks when she naps? Looking at your photo, your teeth are gorgeous!

  2. I hope you both get some respite (and rest) soon!