Monday, January 10, 2011


"Well, we're going to hit the reset button and start fresh" - Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

So I'm about two weeks late on my new Years' resolutions, but what the hey.  Better late than never.

In oddly good news, I found out that my thyroid has been out of whack for a good few months now, which explains some of the trouble I've had losing my baby weight and some of my emotionality.  Now I'm on the right dose, which has given me the hope for my first resolution:

1. Reset my baby weight-loss goal.  No soda, better meals, and more exercise.  I want to drop 20 pounds this year, which would put me just below pre-baby weight.

2. Reset my motherhood expectations.  I will stop believing that it will always be hard, while simultaneously I will stop imagining that Maeve will one day become an easy baby.  We're shooting for one day at a time, all improvements and milestones celebrated.

3.  Reset my relationship with my husband.  He has recently set himself down a new course of what his expectations are for me, and as a result has become more patient with me.  I would like to do the same for him, and for myself/

4. Reset my spirituality.  You know what they say, trying the same thing over and over, expecting different results, is insane.

Here's to starting over!!

Maeve resets her relationship with spinach!


  1. Your resolutions are awesome and I know you'll take names and kick butt! I tend not to make them only because I know they'll be forgotten about in a matter of weeks, but this year I'm really trying to make an effort to live a more healthy lifestyle. Now if only Dunkin' Donuts could make a zero calorie latte... :)

  2. Way to go brave mama - put your aspirations out there and the world will cheer you on. Go girl!