Wednesday, January 26, 2011


"To have joy one must share it. Happiness was born a twin." -Lord Byron

About six times an hour, while Maeve is awake, she hands me whatever she's chewing on or playing with.  I make appreciative chewy yummy noises, then hand it back to her, which makes her smile.  This goes for toys, pacifiers, bottles, and slimy, slimy cookies.   I'm a good mom like that.  It's funny, because she loves to share, and is obviously happy to see me enjoy the same things she enjoys, but also is anxious to have the item back.  

Yesterday, I was playing with her giraffe puppet, who was eating a felt cookie.  He was nibbling and enjoying it, when Maeve loomed up and stole it from him.  The giraffe puppet was so sad and sniffly that Maeve returned the cookie, but the moment he was happily chewing on it again, she stole it back.  Kind of reverse-sharing, I guess.

It's like she never noticed that I was sitting right there while she was playing, but now wants to include me.  She does this for Daddy, and any other adult she's playing with.  If you don't make the right yummy chewy noises, you will immediately receive a look of disapproval, and she'll snatch the item back from your undeserving hands.

Mom? You want my cookie?


  1. How adorable! Sammy doesn't share with me, but he has started trying to share his mum mums with the cat...which usually doesn't end well. :)

  2. Hm... my baby Dean does this, but I never really thought about it as "sharing". I guess he is, so I should encourage it more. Thanks for the insight!