Tuesday, February 15, 2011


"We have always found the Irish a bit odd. They refuse to be English. " -Winston Churchill

Today I just want to make a little explanation for my daughter.  She's not your standard, smiley, outgoing, easygoing baby.  Nope, Maeve's a little funny.

Strangers are annoyed with her at the grocery store because she doesn't smile at them.  Even people she has met a few times seem to make excuses around her, like "Oh, is she teething today?"  "Did she take all her naps?" etc., when the truth is that if Maeve isn't in the mood, she's not going to smile, wave, or flirt with you.  It's just not her way.

I know on my blog, Maeve looks very cheery and outgoing and sweet, but that's because I'm taking her picture. If you were taking her picture, she'd look sideways at you or stare vaguely away, ignoring your intrusion.  

Of course, this doesn't affect how I feel about her in the slightest.  Maeve is my darling duck, and I don't give a flying fig whether she smiles at strangers or not.  I tell people "She's just not a smiley baby" and they look at me like I'm raising her wrong.  Generally, I blow them off.  

It's like there's some expectation that babies will all wave and be smiley with strangers.  Or that they'll like it when you play peekaboo with them.  For Maeve, if she doesn't already like your face, hiding it and then popping it back out won't make her like it any more.  In fact, she's bound to appear nonplussed by your lame-o game.

I love my Maeve just the way she is, funny looks and all.  She doesn't have to be anyone else's idea of what's normal for a baby - she's perfect to me.

Momma, you can have this remote.  Because I love you.


  1. Actually, It was Caroline who posted the above.

  2. Smiley or not, she's still a cutie pie in my book!

  3. I love, love, love this post - we love our children for who they ARE, not who they should be or who everyone else thinks they are. It's awesome that you recognize her unique personality, embrace it, and make no excuses. She is who she is, rock on - mama :)