Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two Sweet Bookends

"Old friends, sat on their park bench like bookends... memory brushes the same years, silently sharing the same fears." - Simon and Garfunkel, Old Friends

Some of the most precious people in your life (or the most annoying, or both) are the ones who have known you since you were little tiny.  Case in point, parents.  But also, those kids who were your parents' friends' kids, whose house you were over at all the time, who eventually became your friends. 

Maeve at T have known each other since Maeve's first visit to T's house, when she was nine months old.  T's parents lived an hour and a half away from our old apartment, so it was quite a commitment to get together, though we made it work.  Now that we're a scant forty-five minutes away, it's very easy to jet out to see our friends and have a playdate for the kids.

First playdate with T, Maeve was checking out the toy situation.
They were - hugging? - right from the start.

I hope Maeve and T get to enjoy being friends for life- that they get to poke each other with stories about when the other one was little, knowing all those embarrassing and wonderful gems about each others pasts.  The friends I have like that who are still in my life are worth their weight in gold.
Hold my hayyyyynd!
That's better.
Looking at the tree together
See? Can't you tell? They're going to be friends forever.  At least, for their sake, I hope so.  Those kind of friends are special beyond words.


  1. What a special joy it must be to watch their friendship blossom from such an early age!

  2. The picture of them looking at the tree is awesome!!