Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Toucha Wobster

This is the "Who's on first, what's on second, I-don't-know's on third" in our house, and it happens every day.

When we pick up Daddy from the bus stop, Maeve always beats him to the punch:

Maeve: Adoo aday?

Daddy: What did you do today?

Maeve: I touch.

Daddy: What did you touch?

Maeve: I toucha wobster.

Daddy: Did you touch a lobster?

Maeve: Yeah.  Eatin'.

Daddy: Was he eating?

Maeve: Yeah.  Cockaroachies.

Daddy: Did you see cockroaches?

Maeve: Yeah.  So CUTE!

Daddy: Were they so cute?

Maeve: Yeah.

I am not kidding, every single day we pick up Daddy, they have almost exactly this conversation.  It all stems from three visits to the Butterfly Pavillion, in which she did NOT touch but looked at a super-cool lobster and some obviously adorable cockroaches.  So yesterday, when Maeve told us her usual banter, Daddy and I said, "Wow, hon, that's a great story.  I don't think you did that today, but you remember it really well!"  Hopefully someday she'll tell Daddy what she actually did on the day in question, but sometimes tradition is more fun.
This right here is where the wobster lives.

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