Monday, July 9, 2012

Big Girl Bed

"My formula for living is quite simple. I get up in the morning and I go to bed at night. In between, I occupy myself as best I can. " -Cary Grant

On Friday, I happened to accompany Maeve for awhile when I was trying to get her to take a nap.  She seemed hysterical, so I thought if I came with her and laid on the floor, she might chill out and fall asleep.  After a few minutes of sitting and playing, and despite my persistent lullaby humming, she attempted to climb out of her crib. 

And so it was upon us.  Time for a big girl bed.  I didn't want her spraining an ankle, or worse, trying to escape from the crib, so it was finally time.  My stomach commenced to hurt for the rest of the day.

There is just a part of me that hates change, and that part of me is not a very good parent, because change is the name of the game.  As soon as you get accustomed to sleeping till 6, say, the little booger will start waking at 5:30.  That's just how it is, so best to get in touch with your flexible side and stop making too-specific plans.

At any rate, we took one rail off the crib and made it into a daybed, so it's still very familiar, and quite close to the ground.  My smart Husband rolled up some duvet covers and put them under the crib sheet along the edge to make a sort of bumper, and I scored some vintage Sesame Street sheets from the ARC.  We were ready to deploy the big girl bed, after some hyping and discussion with Maeve.

I was so dreading bedtime on Saturday, but all that happened was 3 attempts to leave her room (which now has a gate in front of the door, so she can't awaken at 3 am and wreak havoc on the house), all in the first 15 minutes, and then blessed silence.  Sunday night: no attempts. 

So now Maeve is, by a few definitions, a Big Girl.
Big Dinosaur Girl!!!


  1. It won't be long before she's asking for the keys to the car!

  2. Congrats on what sounds like an easy transition to the big girl bed! (And believe me, the baby gate in the doorway is a lifesaver!)