Friday, August 24, 2012

Take a Break

"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking." -Earl Wilson

Sometimes Maeve will stop in the middle of a nutty, energy-filled outburst of some kind and suddenly plop herself down on the ground, proclaiming "Take a break!"  I am usually very grateful, even if it only lasts a second or two, because it lets me catch my breath, and reminds me that my little Tasmanian Devil has to stop every now and then.

In parenthood, at least when one doesn't have a nanny, there are not really any true vacations, there are just breaks.  Little breathers, where you get to read a grownup magazine, or listen to NPR, or just stop long enough to collect your thoughts and think of something beyond the ABCs and facts about the planets.

My husband got such a break last night, when he got to attend a Weird Al concert just up the street from our house, and I am getting a break tonight as I take the 45 minute drive to return some pillowcases to IKEA.  I will get to listen to NPR in the car, walk around a store by myself, and just enjoy not being in charge of anybody for a whole couple of hours.

We try to give each other breaks when we can, I call them Maevecations.  Just letting the other person run to the store, or go get their hair cut, or just do some yard work in peace.  It's a kindness we each allow the other, because frankly, it makes us better parents, and more fun to be around.  As much as we love doing things together as a family, we still need a Maevecation every now and then!
We both got a break last weekend at the Bronco's game!

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