Monday, September 17, 2012

Toddler Ta-Dah!

One of Maeve's favorite movies right now is the one she calls Robot (or Wall-E, as the rest of us know it), and she has learned something pretty darned adorable from watching it.  She has learned Ta-da!

Only for some reason, Maeve pronounces it more like tih-dah, which makes it even cuter.  Kind of ridiculously cute, in fact.

She has started using Ta-Da! to emphasize and draw attention to her accomplishments, however slight, and even to give credit where credit is due, if Mommy or Daddy swoop in and save the day.  She says it when I put on her clothes in the morning or finish changing her diaper, she says it when she successfully stacks two paper towel rolls on top of each other, she says it when she catches a ball, or finds something she was looking for, or finds a cracker where she wasn't expecting it.  Ta-da!

My favorite instance so far was when she had hit her knee on the sidewalk and came to me for a fix-it smooch.  I kissed the offending knee, and she straightened up and proclaimed Ta-Da! before running off to the next shenanigan.  You gotta love it when the make-it-better kisses merit a fanfare.

Maeve isn't shy about celebrating her successes, and maybe I shouldn't be, either.  At least, maybe inside my own head, I can give myself a little Ta-Da! when I remember my whole shopping list, or make a yummy dinner, or deal with a tantrum without losing my own cool.  And maybe you should, too, after all, celebrating the small victories can really turn your day around, just ask Maeve or Wall-E.