Monday, October 1, 2012

Like Her Daddy

"I think my mom put it best. She said, 'Little girls soften their daddy's hearts.' " -Paul Walker

These days I feel like Maeve is looking more and more like me, but I still see so many similarities with her daddy.  Not in how her face looks, right at the moment, but in her personality and temperament.

She is most definitely a very goofy girl, and likes to be silly, which comes from both of us, but is much encouraged by her dad, who is the reigning King of Silly in this house.  She has picked up his habit of putting items of clothing on where they don't belong, which they both think is hilarious.

And in order to encourage her personal nerdiness, we picked up the Star Wars ABC book from the library, and now my child marches around the house saying Obi-Wan Ken OHbee!   Considering her dad's first tattoo was an obscure Star Wars insignia, it seems she may be following in his footsteps there, too.

Also, I see a bit of the tinkerer/engineer in her that I also see in him; they both love stacking paper towel and toilet paper rolls, working on the towers to make them as tall as possible, although in her case with the sole desire to knock them down more spectacularly.  I often ask her, Whatcha Doin'?  And her reply, when it's not Just Playin', is often Just Fixin' Things.

It is so fun to watch, really, and I hope she picks up more and more from her wonderful Daddy.

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