Thursday, October 18, 2012

There's Kids Playin'

 Maeve is really more of an observer when it comes to social interactions.

I take her to places where there will be other kids, smaller groups or larger, about once a day, but it is certainly her choice whether she plays with other kids or not.  When she's on an actual playdate with a kid she knows, she's much more likely to play with them, but when she's in a group of strangers, this is what I get.

Mama, there's kids playin' over there!
Mmm hmm, why don't you go see what they're doing?
*buzzes off*
*trots back*
They're playin'.

She's kind of like her dad, in that she wants to know how the whole thing works before she gives it a shot.  And she's like I was when I was a kid, shy and nervous around other kids, not really understanding what makes them tick.  When she actually plays with someone, it's usually more like following them around to make closer observations.  It's kind of scientific.

I'll say this for her, though, she's making real strides in not being intimidated by other kids.  Unless she's having a very emotionally sensitive day, she can deal with kids being noisy or talking to her, and that used to be a total dealbreaker for her.  Now, even if there are several noisy kids at the McDonald's playground, she still wants to stay, most of the time, and that's new for her.  I'm proud that she's getting a thicker skin, I just hope eventually she really enjoys playing with other kids, even ones we've never met before.

She sticks close by her friends, though.

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