Friday, November 30, 2012

Geek Date Night

Guess who Daddy and I ran into at the movie theater last night?

Yup.  Two Patrick Stewarts.  There they were, in the turbolift, and we realized we had a real paradox on our hands.

That's an actual photo of the screen before the show started, they had some behind-the-scenes stuff for us while the lights were still up.  We saw 2 of the best episodes from Next Gen season two last night, plus a bunch of interviews, gag reels, and all kinds of other fun stuff.  It was so much fun, especially to be sitting there with a bunch of other fans.  We all laughed when Worf sacrificed a red shirt to the Borg on their first encounter, and everyone clapped after each episode. 

We also totally pigged out at our favorite Indian/Nepalese buffet beforehand, which was so delicious that it's beyond words, really.  We hadn't eaten there since Maeve was less than a year old, so we were very, very happy to go.

Boy, does being a parent make you appreciate going on a date!

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