Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Science and Bubbles

Yesterday morning, Maeve watched her new favorite episode of Sesame Street, from the newly-released-to-Netflix season 42: The Bubblefest.  It's pretty much what you'd imagine, the Sesame gang investigates the various methods of making bubbles, including how to make bubble fluid, and what can be used to blow the bubbles.  Also, Murphy and Ovejita do an experiment to find out what substances you can coat your hands with and catch a bubble: soapy water and tin foil worked best.

After watching it for a second time, Maeve wanted to give it a go herself, so we did a sort of mini-Bubblefest at our house.  We tried blowing bubbles with a toilet paper tube, a funnel, and a couple of other kitchen gadgets, and Maeve even got the toilet paper tube to work!  Then we tried catching bubbles just with her bare hands, which didn't work, so then we tried the soapy water.  Success!  Although once she caught the bubbles, she had a tendency to clap her hands and try and pop them. 

So we had fun with bubble science yesterday.  I didn't try and explain surface tension, though clearly I'm going to need to study up for next year-ish when all I hear will be "Why?"  But as my parents put it, Maeve needs the experiment itself right now, not the explanation.  I have to say, it was pretty fun, and I recommend bubble experiments to anyone who needs a good rainy-day toddler activity.  It makes them pretty giddy and holds their attention a long time.

Video from a long time ago, but it proves my point!

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