Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day Pictures

So today I will just share some of my pictures from our family's Thanksgiving.

Maeve wore a dress that my mom knitted - pretty cute!
Family shot!
Maeve and her new "guitar"
The table setting - simple but pretty
Grandma and Grandpa brought some Christmas ornaments over!
Maeve pulled out one ornament at a time, and said "I wuv dis!!!" each time.  We are gonna have fun decorating today!
The bird.  Pretty good.
Grandpa kept Maeve busy while we were at work in the kitchen
Maeve's Thanksgiving.  She ate lots of olives, and the roll.
Dad took this picture of us while we were eating; Maeve had already buggered off.
Olive fingers!!!

I hope your family had a great Thanksgiving, we were so blessed to celebrate our first one in our new home!

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