Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat

There we were, standing on Grandma's doorstep, I held her in my arms because she was afraid of the dogs.  Was she going to say it, the words we'd practiced all day long?  I think I was holding my breath.  Then she quietly but assuredly said it: Trick or Treat!

More confusion as Grandma showed her the bowl of candy and told her to pick one.  She just stared at the assortment for a few minutes until I just picked one for her. But once I opened the packet of licorice and gave her one, she was happy as a clam, and cycled from quiet on the couch up into running laps around the house, giggling wildly, and saying hi to every pet she passed en route.

The evening culminated in her hysterical happiness in the car all the way home, playing with a glow stick (NOT IN YOUR MOUTH!!) and singing Christmas songs in a high pitched voice.  Yup, just yesterday my little musical bean started actually hitting notes when she 'sings' and not just saying her words in a drawn-out way.  That was my treat, I think.  Anyway, Happy Halloween, from our house to yours, and I think Maeve will be ready to actually go out and hit the neighborhood next year.  Any guesses as to what she'll want to dress up as?  I just hope it's not a mammoth, I think that would be a hard costume to put together!

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  1. Surely, if needed, you can just buy a mammoth costume. Isn't that what every three year old wants to be for Halloween? Maeve is adorable in her little dress. :-) Happy (belated) Halloween to the Kelleys!