Friday, December 7, 2012

Our Gingerbread House

Last night we made a little magic at our house.  It started with the best of ingredients: sugar, in her many guises.  Gummy bears, licorice, jelly beans, bunny cookies, cinnamon imperials, graham crackers, and royal icing.

Maeve was squeaking with excitement; there was candy that she could just keep eating and eating, we were building a house the right size for a mouse (she has a book about mice building a gingerbread house), and soon it was revealed... Daddy was making OUR house!
See? It has a back deck, and he eventually added a garage, too.  While Maeve munched on graham crackers (she can't touch the icing, it's made of egg white, and to get the icing to harden, you basically HAVE to use egg), she watched Daddy and I turn graham crackers into our very own house!  We put lots of trees and bunnies in the yard, and Christmas lights across the front of the house, and three little gummy bears for the three of us.
So there it is, sugar spun into holiday gold.  I love Christmas, really, right down to the tips of my toes, and little things like this are exactly why.  Maeve was happier than a horse in clover last night, just watching us make this and munching away.  And watching her?  I was even happier.

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