Monday, January 7, 2013

Daddy Loves Mommy

"A successful marriage is an edifice that must be rebuilt every day." -Andre Maurois
Maeve was eating her lunch, and Daddy and I had finished ours.  We stood by the table, and he put his arms around me.  We were just hanging out like that, when Maeve looks up from her Ramen noodles (don't judge) and spots us.  "Daddy loves Mommy," she said, matter-of-factly.  We grinned and told her she was right.  Then she looked at me, and said "Mommy loves Daddy."  Again, we agreed with her.  Then she sprang up from her seat. "And Daddy and Mommy love Maevie!" she squeaked, "Everyone give a big hug!"  So we did.

What can I say?  The kid is right.  Daddy just took two days off work to let me barf and heal in peace while Maeve ran around the house healthy as a horse, even while he himself was feeling pretty shaky.  He got me sweet, sentimental gifts for Christmas like a special snowflake ornament for my collection.  He took care of Maeve for so many of his days off work so I could spend extra time with my parents.  He's my rock.

And this Friday, he's leaving on a 6 day trip, which will be the longest time we've been apart since before I got pregnant with Maeve.  Thank goodness for Skype, we'll be seeing each other every night, and we'll be fine.  Because he loves me, and he takes good care of me, always.  And I'm glad Maeve can tell, I hope she won't settle for any less.

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