Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Little Chatterbox

It seems to have occurred in the twenty-four hours were were away, but Maeve is turning quickly into a little chatterbox!  I mean, she's been pretty talkative ever since she figured out talking in general, but last night it seemed like she was bursting with new information.  Daddy and I had a time trying to actually say things to each other at dinner because she kept jumping into the conversation with tidbits like: I watered the plants and the plants need water to grow and fish live in the water and I watered the plants.

She also has been asking a lot of questions - not the constant why that I'm sure we have waiting for us, but mostly asking me, what's this called? or what's this name is? often while we're driving past said object/person/idea at 65 miles an hour.  But I do my best to answer her.  She was watching some ocean videos last night with Daddy, and here's how that went:

I find it fun to interact with her when she's in question mode.  And if I don't know the answer, I want to find out, too!  I like having a scientist-in-residence around here.

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