Monday, February 25, 2013

So Many Letters

 “Reading is really like trying to hit one tossed stone with another; the consonants are the stones, the vowels their velocity.” ― Milorad Pavic

Things have been changing fast around here, and I feel like there's a lot to catch up on, but today I just want to update about Maeve's reading progress.

I think between my teaching, the Elmo Alphabet app on the tablet, and the Leapfrog letter factory dvd, Maeve is getting a really good grounding in understanding the alphabet.  And can we just take a minute to ponder the miracle of teaching a child - a child who, just two and a half years ago, didn't know she had toes - that letters are the building blocks of words?  It blows my mind.

But I digress.  Maeve has begun sounding out words she hears, without being asked, and telling me what they start with, and sometimes what sounds they have in the middle or the end, too.   Last night I said something about fun, and she got a thoughtful look, and told me fun starts with ffff ffff f.  I asked her what's the last sound in fun, and she sounded it out and told me n.  I asked her what's the sound in the middle, and she told me uhhhh, u, like in umbrella. 

And anytime you mention a letter or a letter sound to her, she will spout off a couple of words with the same sound, and she's rarely wrong.  She gets thrown pretty often on what starts with c versus k, but you can't blame her for that since they sound identical.  I know where she got that, too, every time I talked letter sounds with her, I always gave her lots of examples of words that had the same sound. 

It does feel a little bit like hanging out with Big Bird sometimes, but I'm super proud of how fast she's picking this stuff up.  I definitely try to follow along with my finger when I'm reading simpler books, and every now and then I ask her what a word is, just to see if she can make a good guess.  But one of these days, she won't have to guess, she'll know.  And I'm pretty excited about that.

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