Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter, Momma!

I may have heard those words about fifty times yesterday, Maeve was intent on wishing everyone a Happy Easter, as regularly as possible.  She was on it yesterday, Easter really is a preschooler's holiday.  Nothing complicated: you find the eggs, you eat the contents, you hide the eggs over and over for fun.  Simple!  And eat treats all day long! Got it!  Happy Easter!

Watching her hunt for eggs - and share the contents with Daddy and I - was one of those perfect moments.  I adored her little running commentary: Oooh, there's another egg! We have to open it and see what's inside!  More crackers! Do you want a cracker?  It was extraordinary.  I know we only have a few years of pure holiday magic, without a single question as to the veracity or probability of a treat-filled-egg-delivering rabbit, and I loved watching her just have a blast.

Today may be a little harder, without a single big surprise to wake up to, but she'll adjust fast, as usual.  We are going to have a fun playdate, possibly hit up the library, and have an elegant dining experience at Old McDonald's.  Daddy is out of town till Friday, so I have to keep things busy as best I can around here to stave off the sad feelings, for both of us.  So think happy thoughts for us this week, we will appreciate it!

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