Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Girl Hair Cut

"Why don't you get a haircut? You look like a chrysanthemum." -P. G. Wodehouse

Maeve has always had tangly hair, ever since she got hair, basically.   When she was a baby, we actually cut a big mat out of her hair because we just couldn't do anything with it.  And like her mommy used to be, Maeve has a very tender scalp and really really doesn't like us to brush tangles out of her hair.  Like, bloodcurdling screams the whole time.

So I invested in a Knot Genie brush and some conditioner, which has been helping, but we decided life would be easier and Maeve would be cooler if we just got her hair cut.  So I had a talk with her about it, and Maeve was totally on board.  I didn't promise her it'd be the end of all tangles, but I did tell her it'd be easier to brush and take care of.  And since she never, ever let me put her hair up into braids or pigtails or any such thing, cutting it wasn't really taking anything away from that.

We got to the haircut place and the stylist was very friendly.  Maeve was allowed to pick a tv show to watch, which helps keep the kids' heads still, and the chair was just the right size for her.  After quite a bit of coaching, we got her to hold still and enjoy the Backyardigans, while the stylist got to work very quickly.   And the outcome?  Well, what do you think?


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