Monday, August 19, 2013

Gone Out, Bisy, Backson

So, friends, I am going to give myself a pass for the next little while as far as blogging goes.  I will check in periodically with pictures, news, poems, etc., but what with the Husband's surgery and all, I will not have it in me some days.  So please bear with me as entries get sporadic, I promise to return to my regularly scheduled entries as soon as I have the chutzpah.

Today we are meeting up with some friends for a playdate downtown, which will keep both Maeve and I busy enough so that my brain won't start working overtime, and then we have a family dinner tonight with some of the Husband's family from out of town. 

But Wednesday morning is the real deal, the big day, and I will post here once everything is over and let you all know how we're doing.  We would love all your happy thoughts and good wishes, and you can be thinking about us right at 8:30am specifically, when his surgery is scheduled to start.  If you follow me here and not on my personal page on facebook, my husband is having Chiari Malformation surgery, and the link there will take you to an FAQ page about the condition. 

Thank you for being with me through this, and I will get back just as soon as I can.  Love you all!

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