Monday, August 26, 2013

Then We Are Saved

"People help you, or you help them, and when we offer or receive help, we take in each other. And then we are saved." - Anne Lamott

I am currently being saved by a lot of people.  I try to post my thank-yous every day, but I'm just overwhelmed by so many people offering to help me.  Which is to say, most of the day I still have to be pretty self-reliant and keep things running smoothly, but I have help with dinner, and some help with Maeve, and those two kinds of help are invaluable to me.

Due to eating leftovers for lunch, we are slowly plowing through the mountain of food people have brought us.  I'm almost done with the very first dish we were brought, an enormous tray of enchiladas.  This means I don't really have to make lunch OR dinner, except for Maeve, and slicing kielbasa and pairing it with pre-cooked noodles isn't a whole lot of work, and neither is making a peanut butter sandwich. 

I even got to put in a few blissful hours at work yesterday while Maeve's Grandma took care of her, and that was a total breath of fresh air.  Our evenings are almost back to normal, since the Husband comes out and sits with me while we have snacks and watch cooking or board game shows.  It's nice to have a little normalcy here and there.

Tonight I get to go sing with my choir, thanks to the generosity of a dear friend.  It's going to be awesome, and I can't wait.  Singing is some of the best therapy there is, it both takes you out of yourself and roots you inside yourself in ways that are hard to explain.  But singing is soul-work for me, and I'm ready.

Thanks for listening, and although I'm not quite ready to get back to daily blogging, I'll be keeping up when I can.

On a playdate the day before Dad's surgery.  K kept us in smiles and giggles :)

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