Friday, September 6, 2013

Giant Band-Aid Box

I am in the market for a giant band-aid box.  I would like to pay less than ten dollars for about two hundred or so band-aids.  That's my plan.

See, it's the end of summer.  And Maeve is getting as much mileage in as she possibly can before I stop letting her play outside all day, when it turns cold.  And all the running up and down the driveway and sidewalks inevitably leads to one result: Trip. Fall. Scrape. Bleed. Repeat.

I think half of why she cries when she skins a knee is knowing I'm not going to let her run anymore that night, for fear of making the scrapes worse.  She's more upset that the running is over than that blood has soaked through her pants.

And may I personally thank whatever Golden Goddess it was who invented antibacterial/no sting spray?  Holy wonderful product, Batman!  Just a spritz and a bandaid, no washcloths or peroxide in the vicinity.  I do go after the bigger owies with peroxide just for my own piece of mind, but that spray stuff is gloriously simple and effective for your average scrape!  I don't care that it's five dollars for a tiny bottle, it's worth its weight in gold.

Anyway, Costco only seemed to carry an oddly testosterone-driven giant box of band-aids, like ones specifically for "garage" incidents...?  So I am still on the lookout, and may just have to get a variety of small ones.  I'll tell you what, though, after one box of totally useless Curads, I will never get Curad again.  They literally didn't stick to anything.  But if you know of a place that sells a giant assortment of band-aids, preferably cute-ish ones that would appeal to a three year old, let me know.

                                     Kermit had the same problem this time of year, I think...

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