Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Agree with Neil

"There are no bad authors for children, that children like and want to read and seek out, because every child is different. They can find the stories they need to, and they bring themselves to stories. A hackneyed, worn-out idea isn't hackneyed and worn out to them. This is the first time the child has encountered it. Do not discourage children from reading because you feel they are reading the wrong thing. Fiction you do not like is a route to other books you may prefer. And not everyone has the same taste as you." - Neil Gaiman.

There are probably many topics on which I agree with Neil Gaiman, and just a few that I might not, but this one is important to me.  I make it a point to let Maeve check out whatever book she picks out at the library and I want to always support her sincere reading choices.  I was always reading just about anything that came across my path, and as a young teen I remember specifically that my parents did not browse through my library books, let alone approve or disapprove of what I read. (That I knew of!)  I read foolish things alongside the wise, just like anyone who is trying out the world of books will do.  I think I could even attribute my love of complex, lengthy sci-fi series to that first, big series I ever read: The Baby-Sitters Club. 

I know there will be weeks when I am challenged in how I deal with what Maeve is reading, weeks that I will despair that she will ever read anything of worth, in my eyes.  But reading begets reading, and I will try to encourage it wherever I find it.  Right now, I just fantasize about the child being able to READ to HERSELF, as having this cold/flu right now means I go hoarse every time she cracks a book.  Of course I love reading to her, and I plan on reading to her as she gets older, but I look forward to the time when we can share the load a little.

Can't say no to reading to this face!

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