Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wading through the Plagues

It has felt a little like the Biblical Plagues around here in the last 5 days.  You know how life just does that sometimes, just throws everything possible at you at once, and then when it lets up a little, you look around, surprised and grateful to still be alive. 

All weekend, Maeve had a ridiculously bad attitude.  She spent all her free time in Time Out, and was a screaming, crying, hitting, name-calling, hideous little beastie.  I almost didn't recognize her.  It was like her normal, just-before-naptime behaviour started when she woke up in the morning and lasted all day.  Daddy and I kept exchanging sorrowful glances all day, and ruminating upon whether or not we had already, somehow, ruined our only child.

And then the real plague descended, and I was barely functional all day on Monday.  The virus I caught was so bad that I did that parenting-from-couches-and-beds thing all day, even falling asleep for periods of time, which I feel badly about.  But miraculously, Maeve snapped out of jerk mode and was so helpful to me.  She only got really impatient at the end of the day, after a good 8 hours of not being really played with.  But mostly she brought me blankets, and played quietly however she could.  She somehow sensed that today was not the day to be an insane maniac, and I was so grateful.

Yesterday I was much more conscious, and was able to do a few things that didn't require me to be in a laying-down position.  We even made it out to Walgreens for a very brief sojourn, where I let Maeve pick out some "colored Cheerios" (yes, that's Froot Loops) and a toy, just to thank her for being so good while I'd been sick.  Today I am ambitiously aiming for two outings in one trip, and I feel lots better this morning. 

It's possible the plagues have passed, but we'll see.

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