Thursday, October 24, 2013

Writing a New Song

"When I'm stuck for a closing lyric, I will drag out my last resort: overwhelming illogic." - David Bowie

Maeve is... maybe it's best to say an aspiring songwriter?  By which I mean, she makes up song lyrics on the fly, and they don't make much sense.  Her usual lyric goes something like this "I love you, but I don't know how to do ... something... but everybody can do ... something... bum BUM!"

We got her a really cool kid-size guitar at the ARC for a steal the other weekend, but had to put it away almost immediately due to Bad Behavior that Could Endanger a Guitar.  I got it out for her yesterday, though, because she was nice and calm and in a musical mood. 

I can't actually teach the child how to play guitar, as I don't have the first clue, myself, but so far she's having fun with it and maybe someday could take lessons, if she wants.  Here's my little rock star:

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