Friday, November 1, 2013

First Trick-Or-Treating

Maeve had not been trick-or-treating before last night.  When she was a baby, we were in an apartment where we preferred not to know our neighbors, last year she was too painfully shy, but this year, she was ready.  She was seriously amped up to go get some candy.  She understood the routine, and she excitedly cajoled the other kids into getting out the door, as we trick or treated with our neighbors.

She was just giddy as we got started.  For most of the night, she wanted Daddy or I to come up to the door with her, and if we sent her on her own, she didn't always speak up or reach out for candy, so we were happy to help.  Plus, when people had dogs, she was a little wary.  Or if their decorations were too scary. One house had some sort of animatronic rat which Maeve informed everyone was NOT REAL but it still freaked her out a bit. 

But every time she ran back from the doorway of another generous neighbor, she exclaimed "I got MORE CANDY!!!"  like it was some kind of Halloween miracle.  I'm not sure she knew this much candy existed in the world, as we obviously don't keep this large an amount or assortment in the house.  And without consuming a single Nerd, she still ran around like a crazy person whose house is on fire, all evening long.

It's pretty wonderful to make a kid that happy. 

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