Friday, February 21, 2014

Dream a New Dream

Today is the day that Maeve and I, and many other loyal customers and co-workers and their kids, will say goodbye to Teenie Greenies. We're having a going away party, with goodies and scrapbook signing and keeping it as upbeat as possible, since everyone knows my boss is pretty good at always looking on the sunny side. But no denying that walking out of that store for the last time is going to be awfully hard on all of us.

I have had a few weeks to be thinking about how I'll explain it to Maeve and I still am not a hundred percent sure what I want to say. I guess it depends on what questions she asks me, but I think she's old enough to really get that the store is not going to be there anymore, especially when she sees how empty it is.

We have all loved this store so much, this place to meet other moms, let our kids play or do crafts while we shop, chat with the staff, have a place to bring the kids to run out some energy before naptime... I think it won't really hit any of us fully until we leave today. But what a special place, to have brought all of us together and given us this community for these last few years. I would never for a second wish it had never been there.

I'll never forget the time I told Maeve it was time to go home, and she looked at me so sadly and shouted, "I don't want to go home, I want to LIVE!!!!" Everybody in the store got a laugh out of that. I'm sure I won't want to go home today, either, but we'll manage.

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