Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Soaking in the Sun

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” ― Pablo Neruda

Look, I know winter is far from over, especially here in Colorado, since April is our second snowiest month. But we often get a few weeks of warmer weather around this time of year, and Maeve and I are soaking it up like sunflowers, turning to face the warm rays of the sun all day long.

I mean, some times it's super windy despite being warmer, which makes it feel not so warm, but sunshine is a potent draw to the outside. And so we go, over and over, with jackets and mud boots on, just to feel what it will feel like soon, in the spring.

My flowers are feeling the sunshine, too, my crocuses have sprouted, and my daffodils range from a half an inch to two inches above the ground. I'm glad they're moving slow, because if they bloomed this week, they'd be buried under six inches of snow within ten days. But still it's heartening to see them, a promise that spring is next, is coming soon to a theater near us.

So if you see us out frolicking around, just know we aren't fooled. We know it's still winter. We're just enjoying our ten minutes in the sun.

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