Monday, March 24, 2014

More Than Two Hours

It appears our daughter knows a thing or two about dedication. Or is that stubbornness? Hard to tell, really.

On Saturday, she was told her godmother was coming over to babysit her, and she decided to head out to the porch to wait for her.

On Saturday, it was 30 degrees and snowing. Daddy thought the waiting wouldn't last too long, so he let her take a shot at it. After 20 minutes, he started to worry a bit and headed out there himself with a big blanket, and he kept her company and kept her warm.

After about 45 minutes, I returned from my friend's house to find Maeve and Daddy out on the front stoop, under a blanket. I found out what was going on, then got them some hot cocoa, and got ready for our date.

It was a full 2 1/2 hours those two spent on the porch waiting for Maeve's godmother. I have never seen Maeve dedicate herself to something so fully. I joked with Daddy that it was good practice waiting in line for the next Star Wars movie, but really, I don't know many people or events Maeve would camp out for, besides her godmother.

So the moral of the story, as her godmother put it, is don't tell Maeve she's coming over until like fifteen minutes before it happens. But also, wow, my kid can really stick with something when she puts her mind to it.

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