Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Welcome to Baby Dori

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.” ― Anatole France

For those of you who didn't watch this unfold on Facebook yesterday, here's how a runaway dog ended up with us buying a fish.

When Maeve and I went out on the porch to play in the morning, I heard jangling dog tags, then suddenly saw a happy dog loping through our yard. Since he had tags, I left Maeve on the porch and gingerly approached him. Yup, name and number, plus his own name. I called Charlie's owner and discovered his girlfriend is across the street from me, so Charlie was quickly reunited with his grateful mommy.

But when he left, Maeve was sobbing, she somehow had gotten the impression we were keeping Charlie. I realized that what had really happened was she had gotten the deep desire of her heart, and then I took it away from her. So I quick-like texted my husband to see how he felt about us getting a fish.

After he responded, I had a little chat with Maevie. I told her we can't get a puppy right now but that we could start small, with a fish. I showed her pictures of a Betta, explained to her that she could never HOLD or PET the fish, but she could watch and feed it, and that it would be really hers, her very own pet. I also explained that fish are not long-lived, and that even if she took very good care of the fish, it would probably die when she was in Kindergarten. She cried when I told her that, so I think she grasped it.

But once the fish basics had been covered, we galloped off to the pet store and picked out a female Betta with all the accouterments. And now Baby Dori is nicely ensconced on my kitchen counter. My only concern is she hasn't eaten anything yet, but we got two kinds of food, so maybe she'll like this other kind we're trying out on her today.

And we do want to get a dog eventually, we just need a fence to circumnavigate our yard first. So, that's how we got a fish.

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