Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bald Mountain Scenic Area

Hi there blog friends, sorry I've been off the ball over here. With The Husband gone, and Maeve and I getting up at the same time, it's not easy to get a blog done. But I'm back at it today, getting back on the blog horse.

Because I've been falling down on the job, I actually have a decent amount of stuff to write about! But today I'm thinking I'll cover our first big hike.

Maeve asked me on Sunday if we could walk to the top of a mountain, and this being Colorado, I told her we sure could. I did a little quick research and discovered a mile long hike just west of Boulder that would take us to the top of a mountain, indeed. So after packing our backpacks, mine with snacks, first aid, and spare clothing, and hers with stuffed animals, blocks, play food, and a bug identifying book, we took off.

Maeve was a little disappointed that we drove up most of the mountain and didn't start hiking at the bottom, but I know a little bit about the endurance levels of preschoolers and I picked a very good length of hike for us. She was also very distressed when a couple with a large, bouncy poodle walked past and I didn't let her walk with them instead of me. Or take their dog.

Once she got over her sadness about us not having a dog to take on the hike, she practically ran up the trail in front of me, causing me to get an excellent workout as I tried to keep up with her. We came upon the summit just as we rounded a bend, and it took us by surprise. I was thrilled to see a bench at the top, so we plunked down and took out our snacks, after a few celebratory photos.

Maeve spent a little time on top of the mountain looking for bugs, and then we hiked back down again, stopping for a little bouldering near the parking lot. I'd definitely reccomend the hike for younger kids, it was just long enough to feel like a real hike, and with the real payoff in views from the top of the mountain. And just about 10 minutes west of Boulder, it's not too long a drive. The place was called Bald Mountain Scenic Area, and here are a few pictures:

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