Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy at the Farm

"Horses and children, I often think, have a lot of the good sense there is in the world."  ~Josephine Demott Robinson

So, I'm sorry I missed posting on Friday, I had an emotionally overwhelming morning and I just couldn't get much of anything done. The laundry just sat there, too. But everything is pretty much okay, and I feel like I can write again now.

I wanted to share our adventures at In Plane View Farm in Erie, with our friends. K works at the farm, giving riding instruction, and she and her daughter A brought us along to meet the animals and have a picnic. Maeve and I both had an absolute blast.

We visited a big boar, lots of horses, goats, dogs and cats, and Maeve and A were jumping up and down, excited the whole time. Afterwards Maeve told everyone her favorite part was the pig and his big OINK but while we were there, she was most excited about the cats, typically.

On our way home, Maeve asked me if she could take care of horses and bulls when she grows up, and I said yes, definitely, that she could even learn about how to do that in college. I also told her there are veterinarians that take care of large farm animals and she liked that idea, too. She was disappointed that we didn't live on a farm, too, but that's life for a suburban kiddo, I think.
Maeve and A, right when we got there. Note the fake cow.

Goats! And a baby!

Maeve, baby goat, a billy, and a little Shetland!

We didn't ride any *real* horses that day...

I can haz carrot?

Maeve loved the barn cats

A gorgeous day for a picnic!

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