Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Joy, Freedom, and Happiness

Sometimes the Universe just gives you a really perfect setting in which to photograph your child:

Someone had "vandalized" this fence with some kind words, and Maeve wanted to climb it. I mean, how perfect can you get?

And those three words - I think a lot of the best bits of childhood can be encompassed in those three words. Maeve is good at letting deep, overwhelming joy into her life; she spontaneously makes up songs about how happy she is, she lets out spasmodic dances of pleasure, she shrieks and giggles and bellows her laughter.

And although if she understood the concept she would probably tell you she has little to no freedom, of course, she has no concept of how much freedom she will give up as she grows and gains responsibilities. Right now she gets to choose what she does for most of the day, and that freedom will already begin to fall away this autumn when she starts preschool.

She is full of all of these, joy, freedom, and happiness, so thank you, mystery Vandal, who gave me a beautiful opportunity to take these photos. You brought us joy indeed.

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