Thursday, May 1, 2014

Four Year Interview with Maeve

A Four Year Interview with Maeve:

  • What is your favorite color?  My favorite color is, hmm. Purple.
  • What is your favorite food? My favorite food is chicken nuggets.
  • What is your favorite treat? My favorite treat is the, the, push-up pops.
  • What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie is Frozen
  • What is your favorite tv show? My favorite tv show is, I like, Bill Nye the Science Guy.
  • What is your favorite book? My favorite book is the one that shows going inside the heart. (one of her anatomy books)
  • What is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is the foxes.
  • What is your favorite song? My favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Monkey
  • What is your favorite restaurant? My favorite restaurant is, hmm, Gunther Toodies because it has a candy machine.
  • What is your favorite place to visit? My favorite place to visit is Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Scott's.
  • Where do you WANT to visit some day? I'd like to visit someday, hmm, the beach.
  • Who is your best friend? My best friend is Aine. She has special things.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with Dad? My favorite thing to do with Daddy is play something.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with Mom? Play hide and seek.
  • What’s your favorite thing to do with Patches? My favorite thing to do with Patches is, um, playing with his toys and I give them to him.
  • What do you want to do when you grow up? I can be a teenager.
  • What is one thing you want to learn how to do? Something to learn how to do is, hmm, um, teach Patches to roll over.
  • What is something that you wish for? I wish for is a balance bike.
  • What makes you nervous? What makes me nervous is petting the horses' nose at the farm.
  • What makes you happy? What makes me happy is feeding the pigs at the farm.


  1. This is really cute! I hope you don't mind if I steal this interview idea sometime. =)