Friday, June 13, 2014

It Is Unbelievable How Enough

Last night I participated in the most amazing ritual, a service to help our friend get started on her journey of healing from cancer. There was plenty of singing, lots of looking other women in the face, some hand massages, many gifts, and some laying on of hands.

Just being there for my friend reminded me of the amazing circle of women friends I have in my life. You are all at different ages and different life paths; many of you have different beliefs or politics from each other and from me, yet if I was starting chemo, I would want all of you at my ritual, reaching out your hands in support, acting as both my guide and my safety net.

I am grateful, so grateful to be a part of my friend's circle where I attended last night, and I am so, so grateful for all of you, even those of you whose faces I've never seen. You hold me up, you weave me into the web of the world, and we are all connected to each other. Thank you.

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